All-in-one Airless Shuttles are hot in luxury packaging

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Hot in luxury packaging right now are SR Packaging's all-in-one Airless Shuttles! 

For ultra-personalized beauty, cosmetic and luxury packaging, Airless Shuttles enable brands to engage with their customers by creating options for a unique skincare set in one single pack.

Airless Shuttles are currently offered in 3 variations: 2-in-one (le DUO), 3-in-one (Airless Shuttle), or 4-in-one (Airless Shuttle 4s) with each skincare set delivered in one package.

The tailored skincare solution is making its way to lead skincare trends and the PCR airless multi-cartridge pack, or Airless Shuttle, is the exclusive design of SR Packaging that facilitates brands in providing their customers with ultra-personalized beauty and tailored skincare solutions.

The 2-in-one (le DUO), 3-in-one (Airless Shuttle), and 4-in-one (Airless Shuttle 4s) fulfill different purposes to complete varieties of advanced treatments, and the look sells too.

The Airless Shuttles were recently featured in a special update on LUXE PACKAGING INSIGHT for their presence at the 2023 LUXE PACK LOS ANGELES EXPLORATORIUM. There is nothing more luxurious than a personalized product, and SRP's Airless Shuttles are here to help beauty and skincare companies win.

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