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The Refillable EBM airless jar, RePod, benefits from a clear-cut, aesthetical design for everyday clean beauty and organic skincare solutions, enabling consumers to easily repurchase and refill the pack, recycling the empties after use. Not only has the RePod EBM airless jar been designed to look good, it has also been designed to be user-friendly in its entire functionality.

the JAR

✔ Protects organic ingredients without preservatives.
✔  Dispenses high-viscosity balm, cream, or hydrating jelly formulations
✔  Uses 70% plastic less than piston-type airless designs
✔  Mono-material, easily recyclable

the LOOK

The pack incorporates an ivory-toned overcap and pump with a refill jar and cap. The ivory color of these parts not only provides a visual indication of the natural, preservative-free formulation held within, but is also the resin shade of mechanically recycled PCR.

The ivory parts are completed with a crystal-clear reusable PET casing which is manufactured from chemically recycled PCR. 

SR Packaging can also create a distinguished image for your brand's pack with decoration options. 

Consumers Repurchase, Refill, and then Recycle.

  1. Remove the emptied jar.
  2. Unscrew the cap of the purchased refill.
  3. Assemble the refill with the reusable pump.
  4. Toss the emptied jar into recycle bin.

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EVERYDAY Clean Beauty. RePod.

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