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Airless Shuttle plays role in the Precision Skin 3:1 Travel Pod

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SR Packaging supplies Airless Shuttle, the personalized multi-cartridge packaging design, for Precision Skin® 3:1 Travel Pod, retailed by DermConcept Ltd.

The product is a bespoke 3-in-1 anti-aging skincare routine 100% customized to users’ skin and evolving lifestyles.

www.precisionskin.com by DermConcept Ltd

AI-powered Skincare

Powered by cutting-edge AI deep learning algorithms and Anti-ageing & Functional Medicine expertise, Precision Skin® formulations are engineered according to users’ real-time skin analysis, lifestyle & daily routines, skin goals, local environment & weather conditions.

The starter pack consists of Day+Night+Eye skincare airless pumps fitted into the complimentary and travel-friendly signature pod.

Refill the recyclable Travel Pods for freshly prepared ingredients

The recyclable Travel Pod, known as Airless Shuttle at SR Packaging, is an advanced multi-cartridge airless design. When each product has been used, consumers simply purchase refills according to their current skin conditions to continue their daily treatment.

One complete package includes three Travel Pods of three different products as one set. Whether home or away on a trip, the Travel Pods are a users best skincare pal.

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