SRP's EBM Airless: Looks like an atmospheric pump but dispenses as an airless

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For unlimited clean beauty potential, SR Packaging's EBM Airless botles are the solution. The lighter, reliable, and cost-competitive extrusion blow molding (EBM) Airless Bottle requires no assembly and uses 70% less plastic than the piston type of airless bottle.

Beyond Beauty

SR Packaging's EBM Airless botles now broadens the applications from cosmetic care to hair Care, home care, and beyond. From 15 ml to 250 ml, EBM Airless bottles provides the option to formulate products without preservatives or additives,

EBM airless handles products of various viscosities, an opportunity to transform commodities into organic, clean beauty.

Key Features

The lighter, more reliable, and cost-competitive EBM Airless Bottle has an airless PP pouch (with a less than 2% EVOH barrier) inside the rigid PP exterior wall that protects the product and ensures less product residue. 

The pack conforms to US and European packaging design regulations and is entirely recyclable without disassembling. Designed and made in Taiwan, EBM Airless Bottles are available with post-consumer recycled plastics provided by local recyclers that conform to EuCertPlast and European RoHS requirements.

Open or download the pdf document to discover even more. Still got questions? Contact SR Packaging directly.

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