MessFree Dropper Bottle

  • SR Packaging

SR Packaging's (SRP) MessFree Dropper Bottle looks like a syringe but offers a much cleaner and more elegant usage for skin care treatments. Designed for repeated or daily usage, the MessFree Dropper bottle is easy to hold and can be used single-handedly.

The pack's pump mechanism works well with a variety of products including lotion, essential oils, premium serums or plant-based extracts in gel format. It is manufactured with the pump mounted on the top and a push button that can be easily pressed with either a finger or the thumb. With a gentle press, 0.2cc of the product is released from the nozzle ready for application to the skin.

In contrast to tube packaging designed for flexible usage and dosage, SRP's MessFree Dropper Bottle is specifically designed to help users control the flow with precise dosage and without mishaps.

SRP offers the MessFree Dropper Bottle in a 15ml capacity with an airtight liner. Full specifications can be viewed in the pdf document.

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