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DEEP Skincare opts for PCR airless cartridges for 80% plastic reduction

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SR Packaging supplies its exclusive Refillable EBM Airless Bottles and Airless Cartridges made of PCR to the eco-conscious brand DEEP, a brand which values ocean sustainability and responds with a rewarding plan to achieve an 80% plastic reduction in its packaging application.

DEEP introduces a minimalist skincare concept for sensitive skin users, adopting C. Microphysa A+ and Deep-Penhu S.H. active ingredients. Extract from natural seaweed cultured in the sea area of Penghu (Pescadores Islands).


Infusing efficient repairing marine essence, DEEP Skincare provides a simplified skincare formulation to maintain skin hydration and delay aging, helping skin reparation with only the necessary key ingredients.

▶ Relevant reading: The Ethyl Acetate Extract of Caulerpa Microphysa Promotes Collagen Homeostasis and Inhibits Inflammation in the Skin

DEEP Skincare's blue planet project: the BLUGAE plan

The BLUGAE plan is part of DEEP's commitment to achieving carbon-neutral lifestyles, recovering marine life, and sustaining our blue planet. On top of seaweed cultivation, DEEP opts for SR Packaging's Refillable EBM Airless Bottles and Airless Cartridges made of locally (Taiwan) recycled PCR whereby each recycling of the emptied PCR Airless Cartridges cuts down plastic usage by 80%.

As part of the plan, DEEP Skincare rewards its users by offering cash coupons for future repurchases to further encourage them to send the empty cartridges to its recycling center.

PCR Airless Cartridges cover everyone's needs

PCR Airless Cartridges cut down plastic usage, keep locally recovered PCR in the local business loop, and efficiently protect active ingredients. They also allow users to enjoy up to the very last drop of precious treatment without mishaps.

DEEP skincare shows just how easy it is to remove the emty cartridge and replace it. Reuse, reuse, recycle: youtu.be/EgFtUZgv_O0

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