SR Packaging Focus 2024: Be Bold. Earth-friendly. Refill, Reuse, Recycle, and Performance Excellence

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Bold designs, Earth-friendly viable solutions and performance excellence help skincare brands create success through aesthetical choices, sustainability and packaging functionality.

Bold design: Stylize packaging to impress at all costs - sustainably

  • Maximize customization results without excessive processing

Earth-friendly: Aesthetical sustainability

  • Soft touch surface through the co-extrusion blow molding process
  • Metalsheen - metallic shine without metallization
  • Mold texturing - unique tactile sensations

Refill: Consumers first purchase is the full set, then just recyclable refills!

Various PCR airless cartridges are available differing in style, volume and dispensing to help brands shape their skincare solutions to satisfy their customers.

  • Refillable PCR Airless
  • Airless Shuttles
  • RePod

Performance Excellence: EBM Airless' Improved design

  • Reduce plastic
  • Maximum performance and protection
  • Use recycled plastic AND make it recyclable
  • ...There are also lightweight airless tubes

Sustainable lifestyles start with packaging innovations. Build measurable success for your brand with SR Packaging's sustainable packaging innovations.

Download the pdf for more information or contact SR Packaging's team to discuss your requirements.

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