Tell a Unique Story With TAMIL's Wood Caps and Closures


As sustainability trends continue to rise everywhere, concerns over packaging materials become more and more relevant among customers. With plastic being considered a toxic solution because of its difficult decomposition and glass turning people away due to its weight, wood rises as a go-to choice; particularly in the beauty and personal care markets, where trendsetters and influencers have the ultimate say.

TAMIL is well aware of the shifts in consumer trends and the advantageous opportunity wood represents in the packaging industry. That is why the company has invested in mastering the craft to produce wooden caps, stoppers, closures, and covers for cosmetics and beauty accessories such as fragrances.

But TAMIL knows wood is more than a sustainable alternative. It brings its own stamp to a product, greatly enhancing brand recognition and the ability to convey a company's essence due to its unique characteristics:

  • Great aesthetic value: Humanity has had a long relationship with wood. It reminds people of artisans, handcrafting, it has a powerful association with quality, uniqueness, and natural beauty. All concepts that are sought after by premium and luxury brands. Wood packaging solutions are naturally embued with a sense of sophistication and exclusivity. If every grain and every pattern is different, then every cap is different. If no two products are the same, customers immediately understand there is something special inside every pack.
  • Warmth and sensorial experience: Wood offers a unique tactile sensation, drifting away from the sharp and cold attributes of metals, wood conveys a warmth and human touch that no other material can replicate. For fragrances that rely on natural scents, especially those working with wood musks, a wood cap personifies the product at first glance.
  • Versatility and decoration: TAMIL can produce caps in different types of wood, in a wide range of finishes and colours. Personalisation is also possible using pad and laser printing, or foil stamping. Meaning wood can be as natural or polished as a brand needs, fully translating a story through shape, color, and decoration finishes.

Wood speaks for itself. It is a unique material that can tell a story of environmental awareness, craftsmanship, luxury, warmth, and humanity. Take the step now and bet on wood. TAMIL is here to help you find the best solution for your needs, contact us now and get started. 

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