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Spicy tins with a vintage look for Sizl

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The Sizl brand sells herbs, spices, and blends. The brand's distinguishing feature is the high quality of its ingredients. The Box was tasked with designing a series of tins that represent the quality of the packaged products, are round and stackable, and have a vintage look.

Result custom-made tin: Sizl

The result is a series of tins with cheerful, vintage designs. This makes them stand out in a kitchen or a shop. The diverse, detailed designs on the tins are lovely and complement each other beautifully, strengthening Sizl's branding. The mat finish and the used colours increase the vintage feel.

The tins also feature a handy window. This means customers can easily and quickly check the state of their stock. The wide opening at the top also makes it easy to get the desired amount of herbs with the measuring scoop. Finally, the lid's edge ensures the tins can be stacked. Ideal for speciality shops selling the herbs.

The new, custom-made tins have given the Sizl brand a boost. The striking and user-friendly tins are sold to chefs-to-be all over the world!

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