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Unique Panda chocolate tin boosts brand

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Joyco is a company that produces and distributes confectionery, chocolate, and ice cream across Eastern Europe. Their idea was to promote their Panda Chocolate brand with special tin packaging. Their number one wish was clear: no standard tin, but something truly unique.

The result

In close collaboration with Joyco's marketing department, we developed a very special Panda-shaped tin. The shape is so unique that we had to manufacture new tools to enable production of the tin. The tin is finished with a full-colour print and features embossing on the lid, giving the tin an extra dimension. The tin can be placed both upright and horizontally, guaranteeing it will stand out on any shelf!

The Panda Chocolate brand was given a significant boost thanks to this cheerful tin. One thing's for certain; these tin boxes are too beautiful to throw away. There's no doubt they will promote the brand for a very long time.

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