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A Christmas ball made of tin for Compagnons du Goût

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As a Christmas gift, this French company needed a suitable tin container that could be hung up filled in a Christmas tree. The company is a producer of chocolate cookies, so this type of treat was certainly manageable. We were commissioned to supply the tin.

A warm feel

The customer wanted a tin that had a warm feel to it. After all, it is Christmas! Also, because foodstuffs are packaged in it, it had to be firmly sealed. In order not to detract from the design, a card was attached with company information and the ingredients included in the treat.

Multifunctional ribbon

We do not supply tins in this kind of round shape very often, so this was a special assignment. What's more, the colour combination is also a huge success: traditional Christmas colours come together beautifully in the playful design. It is a deep-drawn (two-piece) tin, so a good fit is especially important. Attached to the Christmas ball is a ribbon which allows you to hang it in the tree as decoration. Also, the card is attached to the ribbon. A double functionality, in other words.

And the result? A fun and affordable Christmas gift! After the contents of the Christmas ball have been eaten, it can be used as a decoration for years to come. That also makes it a great gift with plenty of marketing power!

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