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Tea tin for Wilder Land reflects conscious work practices

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A special client who stands for and is committed to restoring nature, as opposed to depleting it. This Dutch business client wanted a suitable tin for the herbal tea that they sell. Needless to say, we at The Box knew just what to do.

Conscious work practices

Wilder Land wants to project its conscious work practices. After all, this is all about restoring rather than exploiting nature. The company does this by sowing herbs and spices for tea in the right places in the Netherlands, thereby creating more biodiversity. Tin is a packaging material that is perfectly suited to support this vision. It is sustainable and lasts a long time.

Shake before use

The tin therefore had to exude these conscious work practices and in addition it had to be fairly large. This allows the user to easily mix the herbs. So, anyone who has a Wilder Land tea tin: shake well before use!


The tea tin is available for purchase on the website and has a lid that is ideal for dosing. In addition, it comes with an insert sleeve, where the tea label can be inserted. This way, the user knows what tea they are using.

The result was a practical and eye-catching tea tin. For once, it is not a round or square shape, but a rectangular tin with a screw lid. One of a kind in the tea industry!

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