Attractive Metal Tins for The Season of Cheer

  • The Box b.v.

Metal containers made of tin have been long associated with holiday cheer and the long-lasting preservation of different assortments of baked goods like savory biscuits, homemade Christmas cookies, aromatic fruit cakes, rich chocolates, and truffles.

Attractive metal tins are a magnet for consumers looking to spread cheer among those they care about and ensure that brands can make lasting impressions by emphasizing the premium nature of the contents inside of the tailor-made tins. The Box b.v. offers various decoration options such as full-color printing, embossing, and debossing options to create nostalgic or modern tins for any season.

The Box b.v. is ready to deliver custom-made tins from orders of as few as 2,000 units. Specialists will guide you throughout production and do everything possible to achieve the desired end product.


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