Rectangular Tins for Dog Biscuits & Treats

Tin packaging for dog treats provides a complete barrier against light, gas, and oxygen. For example, when one of The Box´s UK clients, part of the larger Boehringer Ingelheim group, needed tin packaging to put dog treats in, The Box was able to meet specification requirements like ample dimensions, being comfortable enough to hold and large enough to fit a standard bag of pet snacks.

The rectangular tin is available with a host of distinctive print options. The UK clients opted to use a picture of a dog with huge eyes and mouth wide open as it catches a cookie, and the Box was able to create a unique and appealing tin for this UK client’s dog snack tins to occupy a prominent position in their store. Which is why the client was looking for decorative packaging. And that's exactly what The Box delivered! 

Sustainable Packaging
The rectangular shape makes the tin easy to hold. Once the dog has thoroughly enjoyed all the treats in the tin, its owner can simply buy refills which can then be stored in the same tin. This makes this type of can a sustainable solution.

Suits All Decor
Although the tin may have a distinct print, thanks to its neutral colour scheme, it fits in with more or less any decor. Each side features a dog with a different expression, so you can easily change things up if you like. Are you looking for a unique tin for pet snacks or other food items? Please do not hesitate to contact The Box. They are more than happy to advise you further.

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A very special customer from Germany! A leading photographer accompanied our client who wanted to package special cakes. Cakes that were to be sold in Berlin. The tin has become something really special. The custom-made tins can be stacked on their sides, so they can be used to build a wall. The tins fit together seamlessly. The modern graffiti-like designs, together with the sepia-coloured old photographs, make the tin quite special. The tin itself says it all: "Eat the wall!"

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