Cup Couture: Thrace Group's Sustainable Solutions for Every Sip!

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Introducing Thrace Group's versatile cup solutions for every occasion!

Single-Use Plastic Cups

Perfect for catering events, hydration stations, or enjoying your favorite beverages on-the-go, our single-use plastic cups come in up to 8 vibrant color options with offset printing decoration. Crafted from mono-material (100% PP), these cups are not only durable but also 100% recyclable, contributing to a greener environment. Plus, choose from 9 different types of lids, including domes and flat options with holes or seals, for added convenience.

Cup Couture: Thrace Groups Sustainable Solutions for Every Sip!

Reusable Cups

Maximize your sustainability game with our reusable cups customizable with iconic decorations using IML technology. Also made from mono-material plastic (100% PP), these cups can be highly stylish and equally durable, ensuring longevity of use. By using less plastic than most reusable cups and being almost identical to single-use plastic cups, they significantly reduce CO2 emissions, making them a responsible choice for the environment.

Cup Couture: Thrace Groups Sustainable Solutions for Every Sip!

Single-Use Paper Cups

Our single-use paper cups are designed to withstand even the busiest of days, thanks to our leak-proof technology providing maximum bending resistance and excellent impermeability against liquids. Featuring impressive designs with vibrant print effects and excellent ink quality, these cups offer a unique rendering of even the most demanding artworks. Plus, they're eco-friendly, with FSC-certified paper ensuring responsible forest management. Rest assured, these cups are food-safe, with zero direct contact with adhesive chemicals, and comply with the EU-wide regulatory framework for packaging aimed for direct contact with food and beverage.

Cup Couture: Thrace Groups Sustainable Solutions for Every Sip!

From plastic to paper, single-use to reusable, Thrace Group has a cup for every need, ensuring you enjoy your beverages in style while making sustainable choices for the planet.

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Fully aligned with the European strategy for plastics and the transition to a more circular economy, Thrace Group is turning today’s challenges into opportunities ensuring sustainable competitive advantages in the sectors in which it operates. Within this context Thrace Group is increasing its investments in the research, design and manufacturing for light weight, recyclable packaging solutions and innovative technical fabrics.

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