Thrace Group

Thrace Group

Vendor of technical fabrics and primary packaging such as bottles as well as crates.


Το be the most valuable partner for our customers and suppliers and to consistently increase shareholders’ value while ensuring a prosperous future for all individuals working in THRACE GROUP.


  • Adhering closely to our Group core values: responsibility, integrity, responsiveness, flexibility, personal customer care, co-operation, leadership.
  • Investing in our people, by encouraging lifelong learning, individuality, personal initiatives and self-achievement.
  • Creating new business standards through innovation and smart thinking, aiding our customers’ leadership in their markets.
  • Providing not just products but complete & innovative solutions, tailor-made upon our customers’ specific requirements and needs.
  • Acting local – being global, serving thousands of companies worldwide through strategic geographic dispersion.
  • Pursuing profitability through organic growth and strategic acquisitions.
  • Achieving competitive prices through economies of scale, vertical integration and internal synergies.
  • Combining diverse high-end technologies with a long know-how and an extensive experience in the markets we operate.
  • Respecting our global environment and the societies where we work and live.
  • Adapting to the ever-changing market environment and promptly adjusting our practices to successfully meet the global trends that will shape the future of business, economy and society.