Fully Recyclable All-Plastic Trigger Sprayer


Tirrit is a specialist in the manufacture and supply of trigger spray heads, pumps and many other types of dispensing closures, with a dedicated interest in providing more sustainable choices for brands.

The TR343 Trigger Sprayer Head offers several benefits to businesses, from its professional look and functionality to its eco-friendly features.

The trigger sprayer head is fully recyclable after use and features an all-plastic mechanism, avoiding metal contamination and is a very suitable dispensing solution for use with aggressive formulations.

The wide, smooth-pull trigger combines a compact stroke with high output performance for a reliable and durable user experience. The different shroud and lever options bring a modern twist which is suitable for all for applications.

The large nozzle options include spray/stream, spray/foam, mesh foam and spray brush meaning the TR343 is applicable for a wide of products including homecare and automotive markets. For added safety, Tirrit also provides this sustainable trigger sprayer with a Child-Resistant feature, ideal for high-strength cleaning products.

This Trigger Sprayer has the output of 1.2-1.4cc and is manufactured with multiple closure sizes.

For more information contact Tirrit, or visit the catalogue.

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