The Toly Group remains privately owned and continues to focus on the beauty industry. Over the past few years, we have expanded our reach across the world and have diversified our product base to include all types of make-up, skincare, fragrance and promotional packaging.

These products are either produced in our own factories or through our global network of trading partners.

Toly Experience

Toly offers a vast range of solutions and services that cater to the needs of any cosmetic company in the packaging industry, be it big or small. These services include Toly Research, Toly Design Studio, Manufacturing and a full-service solution designated to speed-to-market. The combination of our services and core values results in the unique Toly Experience we provide.


Core Values

We are a people company with a strong family spirit. Toly is more than a business; it’s a way of life.

We have an enormous sense of ambition. We pride ourselves in the development of our people, company and products. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing our products on the shelves of the world's leading brands.

Innovation is in our DNA. We aim to be the most creative company in the packaging industry.

We are passionate about our work, passionate about our people and passionate about packaging.