Stand out on store shelves with metal packaging

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Metal packaging from Trivium enables the on-shelf impact you need to stand out. Metal isn't a one-shape solution. Trivium has a diverse portfolio of shapes in its stock catalog and is a leader in developing unique shapes to meet product and brand requirements.

The company's in-house graphic centres can help boost your image with innovative decorative techniques. For example, NoVar inks allow matte and gloss on the same package while soft-touch inks produce an easy-to-grip rubberized feel. Metallic flake and pearl base coat effects can also be used.

Strengthen your differentiation

Trivium offers a variety of sizes, shaping options and graphics that support your brand and help you standout on shelves. Metal packaging provides a premium feel for brand and serves as ideal canvas for brand graphics. You're not limited to a label to deliver your brand message—the entire package is your canvas.

From stunning, award-winning graphics to advanced printing techniques to an array of specialty finishes, inks and processes, Trivium has a variety of ways to give your packaging the premium appearance you need to elevate above a growing sea of choices.

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