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Carbon disclosure success: Trivium Packaging is rated A- by CDP

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The results from CDP are in – and Trivium Packaging is firmly in the leadership segment, assessed as “Implementing current best practices”.

Independent assessment is a crucial part of sustainability improvements, and Trivium Packaging’s first year of operation has seen it gaining an A- CDP rating in two key categories ‘Climate Change 2020’ and ‘Water Security 2020’.

Jenny Wassenaar, VP Sustainability, said that the ratings are especially welcome as confirmation that major efforts across the company have paid off:

“We had to integrate large amounts of data from our two legacy companies in our first year of operation. That meant making sure that we could highlight all of the environmental achievements at plants across the globe. It is extremely rewarding to receive independent confirmation of winning sustainability performance.”

CDP (the Carbon Disclosure Project) is a ranking organization that measures companies’ performance against a range of sustainability criteria. It focuses on helping companies promoting urgent action towards building a truly sustainable economy. Sustainability assessment made by CDP include the company’s carbon footprint reduction plans and processes and water consumption management. Trivium Packaging’s major customers are users of the ratings system, and are able to connect to Trivium’s scores via the CDP system. This means that Trivium Packaging makes an important contribution to the whole supply chain from its infinitely recyclable metal packaging and confirmed sustainability management processes.

Michael Mapes, CEO commented, “We are genuinely delighted with these ratings, putting us in the top 15% of companies, and they show how much can be achieved with great cross-functional teamwork. We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint while making a difference in the world through our portfolio of infinitely recyclable metal packaging.”

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