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Trivium Packaging Sweeps Bottles Category at 2021 Cans of the Year Awards

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Trivium Packaging, a global supplier of infinitely recyclable, metal packaging for the world’s leading brands, has been recognized with six awards at The Canmaker magazine’s prestigious 2021 Cans of the Year Awards. Representing the very best in metal packaging, the Cans of the Year Awards have been one of the longest running international celebrations of canmaking achievement - spotlighting significant developments and innovations that take place within the metal packaging industry each year.

Sweeping the Beverage “Bottles” category, Trivium took home gold, silver and bronze for its innovation, design and eco-conscious 100% infinitely recyclable beverage packaging.

RainForest Artesian Water 500ml bottle, made from alloy with 25% recycled aluminum, received gold; Pelee Island Winery’s Lola Wine 250ml impact-extruded aluminum bottle was awarded silver; and Trivium’s Specialty Coffee Drink Bottle, resealable and made from impact-extruded aluminum, took home bronze. While reinforcing Trivium’s mission, these honors also reaffirm the need, desire and demand for innovative and environmentally friendly packaging in the beverage industry. All three designs showcase Trivium’s use of premium quality, infinitely recyclable materials that are resealable, reusable and recyclable while presenting a unique, sleek and attractive design for each brand partner.

Awarded gold in the “Food Two Piece” category was Trivium’s drawn aluminum seafood can, with full-aperture easy-open end, for Titus Sardines. With a track record of innovation in the seafood can space, Trivium’s state-of-the-art Easy Peel end provides a safe and easy-to-open packaging solution, combining superior functionality and ensured protection with convenience to the end consumer.

In addition to triumphs in the food and beverage category, Trivium received two awards for its work with Personal Care products. As the global leader in the production of aerosol cans, Trivium is thrilled to receive a Silver in the “Aerosol Can” category for its packaging design with Eva NYC Hairspray, an Impact-extruded can that uses 25% recycled aluminum; and Silver in “Decoration & Print Quality” for its Impact-extruded aluminum aerosol can with Unilever’s Rexona Now United deodorant.

Michael Mapes, CEO of Trivium Packaging said:

“We are thrilled to be recognized with six awards from Cans of the Year. Winning bronze, silver, and gold in the beverage bottles category is a testament to our commitment to developing bottles that are not just sustainable, they stand out on any shelf. We share these awards with our partners who share the same passion to create a more sustainable world while having packaging that looks amazing and meets the needs of the consumer.”

Each entry was judged on a variety of physical and environmental categories, such as production quality, technological enhancements, decoration & print quality, ease-of-opening and usability, cost & material saving, and more.

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