Trivium Brazil wins International Packaging Award with Rexona for Innovative Aerosol Can Design

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Trivium Packaging, a $2.8B global supplier in sustainable metal packaging solutions, continues to gain recognition across the globe for its unique sustainable metal packaging designs, winning yet another major international award for its work on Rexona’s aerosol deodorant can featuring the iconic band, Now United.

Trivium won the "World Aluminum Aerosol Can Award 2022" competition held by the International Organization of Aluminum Aerosol Container Manufacturers (AEROBAL) in the category "Can already on the market." The award is given to companies who demonstrate high production standards. The category is one of the most competitive, with the 26 AEROBAL members accounting for approximately 73% of the production worldwide.

"Our team is very proud of this award and the result achieved in this project. The production of the Now United collectible aerosol can involved all areas of the plant and challenged us in different aspects. We tested many printing options and as a final result, achieved a unique can with vivid graphics and bright colors that express the value of the group and the brand.”– Marcelo Di Grandi Nery, Research & Development, Trivium Packaging, Brazil.

The design, which showcases the group members, is directly printed on the can and reflects the fans’ desire to see the members of Now United on the bottle.

The intricate elements use bright vivid colors, express the values of the group, and instilling confidence through motion that the product provides the protection the consumer needs to move as they want. The challenging design required a significant level of hands-on work to ensure the faces of the group were of the highest quality in printing while maintaining Rexona’s brand positioning, group approval and technical feasibility. Rich in details, the faces and bodies are overlaid with colors and graphics, a challenging technical aspect of the design that required capturing all the nuances of expressions using an eight color dry-offset technology.

In addition to its intricate technical design features, the aluminum can is lightweight contributing to reduced consumption of aluminum with sustainable impacts on the overall supply chain. It also includes a QR code that connects consumers to exclusive content, connecting the brand, product, and consumer.

By winning the AEROBAL competition 2022, Trivium is entitled to participate in the WorldStar Packaging Award 2022, one of the major events of the World Packaging Organization (WPO).

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