Edible Oil: The Case for Metal Packaging

In the search for the right packaging for a given product, typically, there is a set of pre-established or “go-to” options within the supply chain. But how often do decision-makers think outside the pre-established box of solutions? What if the best packaging option isn’t widely known or available? In the case of edible oil, new manufacturing techniques have made way for metal packaging to become the best option because of its ability to protect the technical properties of the oil while also driving commercial value and delivering a sustainable experience to consumers.

In recent years, metal packaging manufacturers have expanded their capabilities to form metal into various shapes and formats. While large square gallon tins have been part of the bulk market for decades, and oil aerosol cans are recently an established necessity in many home kitchens, these formats only scratch the surface of what can be done with metal. These new formats open the opportunity for new use cases, new delivery systems, increased sustainability, and improved consumer experience. Metal packaging today falls into three major categories: Aluminum liquid pour spouts, sprays and pump systems, and large volume steel containers.

Along with these technical improvements just discussed, metal bottles also offer extensive commercial benefits to converting brands. From differentiating in stores to increased use at home, metal packaging solutions have the ability to drive value at the business level.

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