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Packaging Trends for 2023

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The packaging industry continues to reinvent itself in order to meet new world legislations, consumer patterns and preferences, and a rapidly evolving world that keeps drifting farther away from single-use plastics and general waste, for more conscious, versatile and environmentally friendly solutions. These are the top 4 trends taking over the packaging world on 2023:


Refills are gaining popularity as consumers are increasingly aware of the environmental impact of packaging waste. This model helps reduce waste and promote sustainability.


Consumers want to know where their products come from and how they were made. QR codes and other solutions which provide this information are becoming more common.


Consumers are seeking products that are packaged in materials that can easily be recycled. It reduces the demand for the energy needed to produce new packaging, helping lower greenhouse gas emissions.


Packaging helps create a strong, memorable brand experience and differentiate products. This includes the use of high-quality materials, unique shapes, and bold designs.

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Trivium Packaging Releases Annual Sustainability Report

Trivium Packaging releases its annual Sustainability Report, outlining the company’s work in 2023 towards positioning sustainability and eco-consciousness across its business operations. By transparently documenting its sustainability efforts, Trivium demonstrates the importance and impact of corporate responsibility within sustainability. Furthermore, Trivium's commitment to sustainability extends beyond internal operations. Through partnerships and stakeholder engagement, Trivium actively promotes eco-friendly practices across industries and the regions the company operates within globally.

PAC Global and Worldstar awards for Trivium

Trivium Packaging was honored to receive an Award of Distinction in Package Innovation in the Technical Design category from PAC Global and a WorldStar Global Packaging award in the Alcoholic Beverages category for our work on AMBEV S.A. Budweiser’s limited edition 2022 World Cup aluminum beer bottles. Trivium Packaging worked closely with Budweiser to produce bottles that resonated with World Cup fans around the globe. The direct printing of the designs on the bottles created an item that was not only eye-catching but could be kept as a collector’s item.

Trivium Packaging has once again achieved Platinum status for the third year in a row

Trivium Packaging is proud to announce that it has retained its Platinum status for its third consecutive year, the highest ranking in the 2024 EcoVadis sustainability ratings. EcoVadis’ platinum award reflects demonstrated improvements and contributions towards sustainable growth in the past year, with high scores in the Environment, Labor & Human Rights, Ethics, and Sustainable Procurement categories, including a rating of “outstanding” in the Environment category. This recognition is given for exemplary work spanning environmental impact and workforce health.

Advocating For Circularity in Packaging

Trivium Packaging Chief Sustainability Officer Jenny Wassenaar was recently interviewed by Harry MacKenzie, a sustainability brand builder, about their commitment to developing and producing sustainable packaging and the steps Triviuk is taking to reduce its environmental footprint. The conversation delved into the complexities of lifecycle assessments, highlighting how they vary across tools and underscoring the necessity for a standard that truly reflects the circular potential of materials.

Tinned Fish Charcuterie Trend Sparks Conversation On Sustainable Food Options

One of the latest TikTok food trends has been creating delicious spreads using sardines, anchovies, and more, but this trend has more benefits than the vitamins and minerals found in fish. As Bloomberg reports, it is a great sustainable food option for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint! 100% infinitely recyclable metal packaging provides a longer shelf life solution while maintaining its freshness + nutrients and is easier to transport.

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