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    Tubeplant joins the Barcelona Beauty Cluster

    • Tubeplant
    Europe, Nordic Countries, Sweden, Iberia, Spain, Germany, Austria, Germany, Eastern Europe, Ukraine, Beauty, Personal Care, Cosmetics, Primary Packaging, Tubes, Tubes - Laminated, Tubes - Plastic, Tubes - Aluminium/Metal, Plastic, Metal, Metal - Aluminium

    Spanish tube manufacturer, Tubeplant has joined the accredited Barcelona Beauty Cluster. Tubeplant has over 18 years of experience and is an expert in the production of plastic, laminated and aluminium tubes for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

    In addition to exporting its tubes to Estonia, the Ukraine, Germany and Sweden, the manufacturer also has a strong presence in its Spanish home market.

    The Barcelona Beauty Cluster is a non-profit organization which works to enhance the growth of its member partners within the beauty sector. It promotes innovation, internationalization, training and business interconnection from the specific values of integrity, dynamism, openness, collaboration and equity.

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    • Modified 25 Nov 2020
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