A new way to apply make-up foundation, introduced by UDN Packaging

  • UDN Packaging Corporation


  • A new way to solve the problem of foundation product with sponge applicator. Two material options: NBR sponge or Flocking with PU sponge.
  • Replaceable applicator: no need to worry about the deformation and contamination of sponge applicator after using the cosmetic product for a while.
  • Gentle skin touch. Make consumers feel soft flurry when applying the cosmetic product.
  • Two version:
    With spring: when you screw the cap off, the formula can be squeezed out.
    Without the spring: you will need to open and close the valve manually without any worry to squeeze too many formula when you apply the product on the face.
  • No Pintle Design on Cap: Unlike the conventional sponge tube that use pintle on the cap to prevent it from leaking, this design is controlled by the special valve system and thus resolve the problem of sponge that is damaged by the pintle without proper capping.


Replaceable sponge tip tube is the innovative product that aims to solve the problem of sponge applicator which deformed or contaminated after using for a while in a new way. Consumers can replace the sponge tip as they wish without any usage limitation. Besides the sponge material like NBR or SBR, UDN also offers the option of flocking sponge which is gentle skin touch and makes consumers feel soft flurry while applying the cosmetic product.

In addition, UDN provides two versions of replaceable sponge tip tube for brands to choose, with spring or without spring. Firstly, with spring, consumers can apply the product directly after screwing the cap off, which is more convenient. Or without spring, consumers will need to open and close the valve manually, yet have no worry to squeeze too many formula while applying the product. This packaging is also more eco-friendly. UDN’s patented valve system resolve the problem of sponge that is damaged by the pintle without proper capping as well.


More and more brands opt for all in one packaging to bring more convenience for consumers. As the applicators are used frequently, the topic of how to clean the applicators is getting important. Especially for the sponge applicator which is used in foundation, it deformed or contaminated after using for a while, which bothers the consumers. This is why UDN developed a brand new tube packaging solution to solve this problem and make the usage more hygienic. The replaceable sponge tip gives the consumers fully control on the way to apply cosmetics. Together with UDN’s patented valve system design, replaceable sponge tip tube presents a new concept to the world.


  • Sponge Material: PU Sponge + Flocking、100%NBR Sponge 、50%NBR Sponge + 50% SBR Sponge.
  • Tube Material: LDPE, MDPE, HDPE, Co-ex EVOH, PP and Laminate (ABL or PBL) or Co-ex Laminate.
  • Decoration: Offset, Silk Screen, Hot Stamping, Labeling and Flexo(ABL& PBL).

How to use

Remove the used sponge tip from the valve and then replace the new sponge tip.


  • Tube Diameter:30 MM
  • Capacity:20 ML-80 ML
  • Tube Length:65 MM-161 MM
  • Matching Cap:D30-T97UD


Replaceable sponge tip tube is perfect for cosmetics, such as primer, liquid foundation, cream blush, concealer, shimmer and contour related products etc.

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