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Self Heating Tube and Self Cooling Tube are UDN’s patented products. With many years’ experience in Tube-in-Tube, UDN has developed a unique packaging solution that can self-heat or self-cool the formula without the external resources. There are two independent space in a tube to be able to fill with two different formula without any combination or contamination. The inner tube is filled with the formula to change the temperature and the outer tube is filled with customer’s formula. By easily tearing the security strip off and screwing the cap to the bottom, the tube enables customer’s formula to have its own temperature, which delivers a heating effect or a cooling effect upon application. It therefore can improve the efficiency to be easily absorbed into the skin and cause more comfort. This gives UDN’s customers a chance to differentiate their products in the market and provide the consumers (end users) with an extraordinary user experience. No need to add any ingredient to the formula that may result in allergy to meet the same heating or cooling effect. Every material used in the tube to increase or decrease the degree of the temperature is safe, non-toxic and eco-friendly with no harm to human health and the environment. Everything is able to recycle after use. Each tube is one single use. It heats/cools only once and cannot self-heat / self–cool again.


UDN believes that smart packaging solution will enhance the interaction between users and the cosmetics formula, just like the smart phone that changes the way how people interact with the world. Consequently, UDN launches the heating tube and the cooling tube in the market. This is a distinctive packaging solution since it is self-heating or self-cooling. Neither add any ingredient to the formula that may cause allergy to create heat effect nor ask consumer to put the cosmetic product in the refrigerator to have cooling effect. It provides a new way to apply the formula to the skin and thus enrich the user experience without any other external resource.


  • Structure:Tube in Tube + Cap with peelable strip.
  • Tube Material (Inner&Outer):LDPE, MDPE, HDPE, Co-ex EVOH, PP and Laminate (ABL or PBL) or Co-ex Laminate.
  • Cap Material:PE or PP.The cap and the peelable strip can be injected into different color separately.
  • Decoration:Offset, Silk Screen (Thermochromic Ink is available), Hot Stamping, Labeling and Flexo(ABL&PBL).

How to use

  1. Tear the security strip off.
  2. Screw the cap to the bottom.
  3. Once the cooling/heating reaction has been triggered, you need to shake/roll&squeeze the tube to have the cold/heat effect spread evenly through the formula.
  4. Apply the formula directly on the desired area.



※The volume of inner tube will be up to the required temperature of the bulk in the outer tube. The diameter and length of inner tube and outer tube can be adjusted according to the request.

  • Outer tube diameter 19MM / Inner tube diameter 13MM, Capacity 3ML-10ML
  • Outer tube diameter 35MM / Inner tube diameter 25MM, Capacity 10ML-60ML


  • Outer tube diameter 35MM / Inner tube diameter 25MM, Capacity Maximum 20ML


  • SELF HEATING TUBE:Self Heating Tube is perfect for facial care, body care, eye care and hair care related products, such as eye cream, face masks, body shaping cream, hair masks, etc. Self Heating Tube can help stimulate the flow of blood and thus improve the efficiency of formula. It is also suitable for winter usage to offer more comfort on the skin while applying the products and relax the skin.
  • SELF COOLING TUBE:Self Cooling Tube is perfect for facial care and body care related products, such as hair removal soother, after sun recue cream or soother, cool and refreshing cream (after exercise), etc. Self Cooling Tube is especially suitable for summer skin and body care products. It helps to ease the pain after hair removal or sunburn and even relax the sore muscles after exercise.

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