The Pumice Stone Tube removes dry skin easily

  • UDN Packaging Corporation


  • Diameter Options: D30, D35, D40,D50
  • Applied together with formula, the pumice stone removes dry skin easily and increase blood circulation.
  • Different material options for the pumice stone, such as porous-ceramic、foam cement、PU foam.
  • Suitable for Body Scrub, Foot Scrub, etc.


  • Pumice Stone, a gift from Pele

Pumice is a porous, micro vesicular volcanic rock that consists highly vesicular rough textured volcanic glass. It floats on water because of its low density and lightweight quality, Thanks to its roughness, pumice stone is being used as an abrasive for cosmetic exfoliates, particularly for foot, heel. Knee, elbow exfoliation, to remove old and keratinized skin as well as calluses.


  • Portable and Easier Body Care Experience

The packaging tube featuring pumice stone applicator makes exfoliation process a portable and easy-to-access experience.


  • Artificial, Synthetic or Natural Pumice Stone

UDN offers different materials that can be substituted of natural pumice stone: PU Pumice, Foam concrete, and Porous Ceramic.

  • PU pumice stoneis a polyurethane polymer foam that can be made in any color during its production. It is a lightweight synthetic material that can be manufactured easily.
  • Foam concreteis foamed cement in color grey. It requires additional coloring process to achieve desirable color if not grey. It is the most common material available for exfoliation products.
  • Porous ceramicis foamed ceramic and is smoother than other selections. Porous ceramic has limited color options available.
  • Natural pumice stoneis obtained with mining, cutting, and grinding process. Every piece of natural pumice stone differs from another, and has a unique signature of the individual. The price is higher than other options.


  • Customizable Color for Tube, Pumice Stone, and Leak-proof Closure

UDN offers 30 mm, 35 mm, and 50 mm diameter options available for pumice stone tube, with a capacity range between 20 ml to 250 ml. The aperture of the applicator can be made between 1.0 mm to 8 mm diameter depending on dosage requirement. The closure has a pin within to prevent product leakage.

The entire tube, closure, and pumice stone applicator can be customized with desirable color to elevate the product appearance. For a brand that requires unique identity and sophisticated packaging design, it is an option to decorate the pumice stone base in metallic color.

Unlike other pumice stone products that are always grey, UDN offers different color decoration that can be positive to stimulate consumers with more visual impact.


  • Benefits for Body Care, Manicure, and Pedicure

Combining exfoliating product with pumice stone, UDN makes sure to provide a packaging tube that is perfect for foot care cream, exfoliating cream, and body scrub.

The Pumice Stone Tube is an ideal and modern packaging design to deliver better, soothing, and smoothing user experience with convenience.


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