The 19mm mini Tube in Tube

  • UDN Packaging Corporation

UDN has been providing two-in-one packaging solutions for global brands since 2008 —— and the company's Tube in Tube is one of a kind. UDN's Tube in Tube offers the consumer two different content options at the same time.

Whether a brand wants to emphasize the multi-functionality or the two separated contents as the best option for the consumer, UDN's Tube in Tube is the ideal solution.

Tube in Tube provides different effects when the product is gently squeezed out: Amber, Hard candy, Ice cream... — you can get what you want.

The new diameter of 19mm for the Tube in Tube (10~20ml) is perfect for skin care and make up products, and especially for facial treatments targeted to lips, and eyes, etc.

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