UDN develops lightweight One-Piece Tube

  • UDN Packaging Corporation

UDN has developed a 3rd generation one-piece tube (D35-OPV4), which is 63% lighter than a normal tube (compared to a 100ml, flip top cap tube). Through the utilization of process technology, UDN has seamlessly injected the integrated cover directly onto the sleeve.

This saves 50% from the cost of the cap. The sleek design makes your facial cream, washes, and other beauty products look beautiful. Available in sizes ranging from 25ml to 160ml for a variety of products. 

Eliminating the extra overlapping connections and threads, UDN has not only reduced the weight but has also avoided the accumulation of water in the cover, resulting in a sustainable and lightweight tube packaging option. UDN is always looking for ways to reduce consumer packaging and lower carbon waste. 

These features help make UDN's One-Piece Tube even more eye-catching and the consumer's life easier.

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