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What is a sponge tube?

Most consumers use make-up sponges when they apply foundation to achieve even coverage. However, extra time and attention are needed to clean and store the sponge or any other applicator they choose. It is far easier to provide an incorporated applicator that can be used alongside the product and discarded when it runs out. UDN Packaging has the solution with their innovative sponge tube.

UDN combines their sleek tube packaging with a sponge applicator as an all-in-one packaging solution. Now, consumers can apply the product on the skin without extra tools without worrying about getting their hands dirty or storing the sponge. In addition, the sponge applicator is covered with a cap to avoid contamination.

Pintle design was used in the first generation of sponge tube to prevent leakage. However, in this way, the sponge may be damaged by the pintle without proper capping. UDN developed the second generation of sponge tube to solve this problem.

This new design is controlled by a special valve system and thus resolves the problem of sponge damage. When consumers pull off the valve, they can squeeze the tube and apply the product directly; when they push back the valve, there is no concern about leakage.

Sponge Material Options

UDN offers three different options for the sponge material: NBR, PU and SBR.

NBR Sponge: NBR sponge is widely used in cosmetics, particularly ideal for those oil based makeup since it is oil resistant. NBR sponge is durable, flexible and has a superior pick-up and pay-off so it has a higher price.

PU Sponge: PU sponge is an open cell sponge rubber so there is no need to have orifice on the sponge. It has superior hydrophilic properties and is suitable for more fluid formulas.

SBR Sponge: SBR sponge is the smart alternative for non-oil based makeup due to its lower cost. It is smooth with good water absorption but is not as durable as NBR sponge.

Sponge tube portfolio

UDN’s sponge tubes have different diameters including 30mm, 35mm, 40mm and 50mm and the capacity is available from 20ml to 250ml. The size of orifice can be adjusted from 1mm to 8mm according to the viscosity of the formula.

Furthermore, the color of cap and sponge holder can be customized or metalized upon request to create a unique look for brands.


Sponge tube is an all-in-one packaging solution so consumers can apply your brand’s products without extra tools. It’s perfect for cosmetics such as foundation, cream blush, hair removal cream, sunblock cream, and more.

In addition, it is also suitable for car waxing, leather care related products, and other household goods.

UDN is a leader in innovative tube solutions. With a variety of applicators and designs, they have the right tube for your cosmetics, personal care products, and more.

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