UDN 5th Generation One-Piece Tube Reduces Plastic Usage by 55%

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Sustainability is an essential part of our mission and a top strategy. After its founding in 2002, UDN has continued to innovate and produce products with the least impact on the environment possible.

Research and Development Devoted to Sustainability

UDN has devoted a lot of energy to exploring and researching ways to reduce raw material consumption. The company uses more environmentally friendly materials to make its top-quality tubes and continuously works to reduce plastic waste. We hope to provide customers with unique packaging solutions.

UDN strives for sustainability from design to materials. The company designed a tube with a replaceable head to encourage re-use and highly recyclable one-piece tube. Brands can choose tubes made with PCR recycled materials and bio-resin material.

After years of research and lots of efforts, the fifth generation of the UDN one-piece tube was born!

Traditional cosmetic tube packaging generally comprises a tube body, tube head, and tube cap. Plus, the materials need to be "screwed" through the "thread" of the tube body and the "thread" of the cap. At the same time, the gap between the cap and the tube shoulder is prone to the accumulation of water, accumulated product, and dirt.

The newly redesigned UDN one-piece tube leaves the traditional ways of design behind! This innovation allows the cap itself to be directly injected to the tube body, so that the cap and the tube body become "ONE PIECE".

This revolutionary eliminates the overlapping parts of the thread which reduces both plastic and weight. Additionally, it reduces carbon dioxide emissions due to lesser use of raw material loss and processing times.

Timeline of the UDN One-Piece Tube

This innovative tube has been years in the making.

  • UDN OPV1 1st generation integrated tube reduces plastic usage by 20%
  • UDN OPV2 2nd generation integrated tube reduces plastic usage by 30%
  • UDN OPV3 3rd generation integrated tube reduces plastic usage by 40%
  • UDN OPV4 4th generation integrated tube reduces plastic usage by 49%

The R&D team at UDN refused to give up on further improvement. They continued to explore solutions that are more environmentally friendly and have a lower impact on the environment. developing the:

UDN 5th generation integrated tube- reducing plastic usage by 55%!

UDN is committed to helping brands create solutions that end users will love at first sight

Our R & D concept is derived from the need for unique and eye-catching designs that result in a better consumer experience that is more convenient to use.  

For the past two decades, UDN has studied and developed hundreds of new innovations, including environmentally friendly packaging materials and a constant design improvement on all products. UDN has attained more than 20 patents for our innovation solutions, and we hope each of them is a product that customers love. 

Commitment to Sustainability 

In response to the United Nations Sustainable Development Strategy and the national carbon neutrality policy, UDN has increased R&D investment in the application of environmentally friendly materials with a flexible application where brands can choose between 0-100% sustainable materials. We are eager to work with customers to truly solve the issue of sustainable packaging while still improving on user-friendly packaging.

UDN has a comprehensive series of environmentally friendly packaging solutions, which are suitable for make-up, skin care, daily chemicals, personal care, and more. We hope that we can help brand owners achieve the strategic goal of sustainable development with a concept of green environmental protection while still continuing to maintain or contribute to the display of your brand concept.

UDN Looks forward to working with more excellent brands, contact us today to start a conversation!

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