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Virospack's Droppers

Stun with Sensuality


Virospack has manufactured cosmetic droppers since 1956, and today specialises in high quality droppers, setting industry trends as a leader of the market. As a family-owned business, Virospack has transcended all boundaries and now celebrates its global attitude, producing more than 70 million droppers per year and exporting them to more than 20 countries. Over the years, Virospack has earned the trust of the most prestigious cosmetic brands worldwide. The Dropper Company has produced packages for companies such as Estée Lauder, L'Oreal, Guerlain, MAC, Bobbie Brown, L'Occitane and Kielhs, to name just a few, providing luxury solutions that stun with sensuality. Committed to customer service, Virospack always responds to the needs of its clients, working closely with brands through the development and production stages. Guaranteeing dazzling decoration, Virospack controls the entire process inside its own facilities, ensuring outstanding quality for each package.

Staying true to its origins with all its facilities located in a town close to Barcelona, the company has just inaugurated a new manufacturing centre. With this modern production unit, Virospack aims to achieve optimized production speeds, whilst maintaining the highest level of precision. Customers appreciate the company's heightened flexibility, and, in an ever-forward journey towards market domination, Virospack sets out to be the one who decides upon the latest dropper trends. Engineering for perfection, crisp and innovative lines that appeal to the customer´s senses are achieved through investment in cutting-edge technology, modern machinery, eco-sensitive processes, and the development of special formulas, lending sophistication to Virospack’s customised dropper range.

Client satisfaction is of utmost importance for Virospack, and a wide range of customization options serve to impress. Brands are guaranteed a fully bespoke packaging solution, and the assignment of a talented technician to each task ensures the maintenance of strict quality control and perfect packaging results. The materials, molds, designs, and finishes are easily adaptable, a flexibility that facilitates the journey towards offering turnkey solutions that satisfy each and every client requirement. Confidence in Virospack has been further consolidated by the company’s achievement of ISO 14001 certification. This is testament to Virospack’s continued dedication to the improvement of sustainable methodologies. This certification reflects the company's commitment to the environment and a way of working that is more respectful to it. Having this certification is also a competitive advantage in the design of the supply chain.

Sensual yet perfectly functional

Virospack’s latest dropper solution sings sensuality, as the original design of the bulb evokes lovely resonances with the female silhouette. The micro relief effect is seductive in its subtlety, and its elegant finish allures the consumer, reflecting prestige added through investment in cutting-edge 3D technology. The delicate glass pipette fits perfectly with the elongated bulb, and such carefully stylized features contribute to the overall charm of the dropper. However, attraction does not end there. Instead, functionality is too at the forefront of Virospack’s mind, as the curvature at the centre of the bulb allows the user to locate textured pressure zone with ease. The dropper also boasts an increased dosage capacity of 0.8 ml. Facility for greater volume makes Virospack’s dropper perfect for the controlled treatment of areas that require that extra dose of product. The beauty of the dropper design can be further enhanced, as brands are spoilt for choice with customization options, evidence enough of Virospack's no limits approach.

Reinventing the classic dropper

Virospack’s new range of standard curved droppers is no less striking in its differentiation, since the rounded lines bring sensuality to the dropper. With this new proposal, Virospack has reinvented the classic dropper, presenting a new curved bulb design and two new caps with curved lines. The range is characterized by an attractive adaptability, as the opportunity to switch between two standard curved collars is available, and each final design benefits from an elegant and sensual appearance. The new range highlights the expertise of Virospack’s internal development team, which has worked tirelessly to ensure that the curved components are presented as the perfect companions to the company’s 15 or 30ml moulded glass bottles or 30-35ml tubular vials. Virospack’s curved dropper fits easily with any other bottle with neck size 20/410. Oozing voluptuous style, the curved droppers have undoubtedly been designed to attract attention at point of sale.

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