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Tubular glass: The best choice for cosmetics

  • Virospack
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The cosmetic world has evolved a lot in recent years so that today the offer is broad in terms of ingredients, textures, colours, presentations, and use. One thing that has not changed though is the excellence of glass to package beauty products. For any formulation, the glass bottle is still the best packaging choice for cosmetics due to its unique characteristics.

With over 60 years of experience in the sector, Virospack, the dropper specialist, has also been manufacturing tubular glass at its facilities for more than 30 years. With an annual production of over 20 million vials, the company offers a wide range of standards, including glass bottles of differing diameters, capacities and necks which are completely customisable in response to the demands of the market.

The class 1 tube glass manufactured at Virospack is strong, light and resistant, for a bottle that is highly compatible with delicate cosmetic formulations. With an excellent level of quality and transparency, Virospack's vials offer complete neutrality and a fantastic strength-to-weight ratio for correct dimensional stability.

In Virospack's new production unit, the glass section is one of the most important. It is a fully automated section with state-of-the-art machinery and technology, in which glass transformation processing is carried out efficiently, cleanly, quickly and safely to transform the components in ideal conditions and according to the highest manufacturing requirements.

Virospack has made a significant investment to achieve the best cost efficiency for its 9 vial production lines which have a daily manufacturing capacity of 90,000 bottles; over 20 million tube glass containers each year.

The best finish is guaranteed by the use of first class neutral transparent or amber hydrolytic glass, the total customisation of the full pack through the wide range of decoration techniques offered by Virospack.

Progressive investment in new machinery with vision control systems and versatile stations that can transform an important range of parameters, enables Virospack the flexibility to produce a large range of vials of different sizes and capacities, whereby the production method is characterised by the ability to adapt the height, diameter and neck.

Virospack's standard catalogue offers bottles with capacities from 2ml to 30ml for different bottles that combine perfectly with any of its classic or push button droppers to enable over 160 full pack combination possibilities.

Tubular glass allows customised sizes without the investment in moulds

A full dispensing pack comprised of a tubular glass bottle and a dropper that is developed, manufactured and decorated at Virospack's facilities is the best choice in packaging for serums, oils, hair or nail treatments, liquid foundation, blush and highlighter products, as well as lotions and fluid cosmetics for facial or skin care, and other low viscosity cosmetics.

The quality, transparency and compatibility of Virospack's tubular glass bottles are combined with the precision, comfort and safety of its droppers, offering a functional, elegant and totally personalised set that is excellent for cosmetic products.

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