Virospack expands moulded glass bottle range with new, greater capacity 'last drop' format

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The dropper is more fashionable than ever for cosmetics as VIROSPACK well knows.

Until fairly recently, only cosmetic serums were presented in this precise and secure dispensing format. Today, there are many categories for which the dropper is established as the best packaging choice. A multitude of eye contours, oil-based formulations, liquid make-up, nail treatments, hair lotions, and many other cosmetic products benefit from using droppers.

With its strength in innovation and service to brands, Virospack is constantly expanding its catalogue of standard references in response to market needs. With this objective, the company presents a new 50ml capacity format which expands its offering of moulded glass bottles for cosmetics.

Specialist in droppers, Virospack is aware of the excellent qualities that glass bottles offer cosmetic formulas. And, in order to give its customers the best service, the company presented a range of moulded glass bottles a few years ago to offer customers a complete dispenser pack.

The range of vials offers high quality and excellent weight, thanks to the thick base of all its references, as well as incredible transparency - all qualities that make them ideal for beauty products.  In addition, the premium glass is highly compatible with cosmetic formulations and easy to customize with the many decorating techniques which Virospack offers in-house at its facility.

Greater capacity moulded glass bottles

Today, Virospack has expanded its offer of moulded glass bottles with a new format that offers the same quality, weight, transparency and compatibility as the rest of its range. Its new, greater capacity 50ml format, responds to the requirement for dropper packs with a larger capacity. The full proposal is perfect for cosmetic products intended for hair or body care, and oils for face, body and hair care, that require high-quality packaging with maximum precision in its dosage and application.

The new format is one of Virospack's 'Wide' model bottles which until now had bee available in a 30ml capacity. Like its 30ml counterpart, the 50ml bottle also features the 'Last Drop' technique, a unique finish that allows a lower than market average restitution rate, of below 0.4%. Last Drop is highly valued by the consumer as it means that a greater amount of product can be used.

Like the rest of the range, the 50ml bottle has a 20/410 neck making it compatible with a range of classic and push button droppers from Virospack's extensive catalogue.

With the growth of Virospack's moulded glass bottle family, the company now benefits 4 references: A Slim model in 15ml and 30ml capacities, and a Wide model in 30ml and 50ml capacities.

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