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Virospack Bets on Curves — and Presents a Lively, Colourful, Fresh Campaign

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Originality, sophistication, avant-garde, sensuality, and of course seduction, are all adjectives that perfectly define the Virospack Curvi Dropper Line.

We are talking about a dropper dispenser pack collection with a different design and character, a design that fits perfectly with the concept of femininity and subtle, elegant seduction. The design is full of curves, full of insinuation and provocation.

We are relaunching this range of rounded-shaped droppers, both on the bulb and the cap, with an eye-catching fresh and happy campaign. An explosion of colour and energy, of light and life to transmit this new concept.

Virospack offers a wide catalogue of standard references that include this line made up of two novel curved models: 

  • A reference of a curved bulb whose design is novel and different from the rest of the company's references and, of course, from the rest on the market. 
  • Two references of curved caps that combine perfectly with the curved bulb and fit with the 20/410 neck bottles. 
  • The curved bulb can be combined with other existing caps from the extensive Virospack catalogue.

These droppers can be decorated to fit each brand's choice. The total personalization of this seductive final packaging is assured thanks to all the decoration techniques offered by Virospack, ranging from painting or metallization to injection in a custom colour. Multiple finishes for a complete seduction personalized for each brand.

The new campaign only shows in detail different combinations that give customers an idea of ​​the multiple final sets that can be achieved. A well-differentiated full pack depending on the finish and the combination of pieces chosen by each brand. It is a campaign that aims to convey the adhoc promise of Virospack of total customization to respond, as always, to the desire for differentiation for each client.

It's a striking and cheerful, sensual and cosmetic campaign that is full of vitality, colour, freshness, and the will to live. The feminine empowerment of women who like to take care of themselves and enjoy their beauty ritual is presented and applied drop by drop with the VIROSPACK CURVED DROPPER.

Enjoy it!

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