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The latest development from Virospack responds to the market demand for innovation and new, sustainable packaging solutions. As well as the commitment and sustainable positioning of many brands, and their efforts to achieve responsible product marketing, responsible practices are also required by many consumers of beauty products.

Which is why Virospack has created the first 100% natural wooden dropper cap in the beauty industry.

Fully organic, compostable, and recyclable. No plastic, no glue. Only wood, responsibly sourced.         

  • A dropper with a single piece wooden collar, which reduces two processes in its manufacturing, thus being more respectful of the planet.
  • No plastic, no glue. Without a plastic inner cap glued to the wooden shell, the carbon footprint of the dropper is significantly reduced.
  • FSC Certified, guaranteeing the wood comes from forests with responsible management from an environmental and social point of view.
  • Customizable. The new natural wood collar can be decorated with different varnishes according to the wishes of each client.

Fully committed to both innovation and the environment, Virospack is making a significant effort to enhance sustainability both in the development of new products and in its manufacturing processes, which are both demonstrated in the new natural wooden dropper cap. 

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