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Virospack provides an unbeatable service in complicated times

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Virospack provides an unbeatable service in complicated times.

Beauty is illusion and in Virospack, with our passion for droppers, we have been dispensing illusion for decades. And we do it, always, fulfilling our commitments, even in extraordinary situations.

Our daily goal is to offer the best service to brands and that our packaging – with its exceptional design, quality, functionality, ergonomics, and safety – contributes to this illusion.

But beauty evolves and Virospack is at the service of this evolution. We are committed to innovation and continuous improvement in all our processes and new developments, satisfying the wishes of brands and the needs of the market and the end consumer. An effort and implication that has consolidated us as leaders in the sector and that has allowed us to meet the expectations of our clients in moments as difficult as that caused by Covid-19.

Virospack has promptly and successfully fulfilled their commitments to brands, even in strange times such as the one experienced in 2020.

Under this philosophy and with a firm commitment to total control of the production chain, we work hard, reinventing ourselves every day. True to our DNA of manufacturing in our own facilities, at Virospack we have continued to deliver punctually, even in the most complicated moments, ensuring the best cost-effectiveness and the greatest flexibility in our production and deliveries.

The production and internal decoration of each and every one of the components of our extensive catalog of dropper packs, without subcontracting or any dependence on third parties, has allowed us to provide an excellent service since the beginning of the pandemic, responding without delay to all of our international agreements.

Virospack guarantees the best service, meeting customer expectations in unprecedented times such as that caused by Covid-19.

Proud of the involvement of each one of our employees and the trust of all our clients and the sector in general, we continue working on important investments. At Virospack we are continuously making improvements and enlargements of our facilities, implementing new technologies, processes, references and developments, and more to continue participating in this evolution, without losing hope even in the strange times we are living in that we hope will soon change.

Virospack – Covering all our commitments in singular moments.

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