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The perfect packaging for Laboratories Uriage's new serum

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Laboratories Uriage, known for its dermatological products with Uriage Thermal Water as the main active ingredient to preserve the health of the skin, presents its new Bariéderm-CICA Daily serum.

It is a high tolerance dermatological serum, formulated with 98% natural ingredients and packaged in a dropper dispenser pack manufactured and decorated by Virospack, with a high-quality design and functionality.

The new serum strengthens, protects and repairs fragile and devitalized skin daily, rebalancing, unifying and providing it with calm and well-being.

Its formula enriched with biopeptides stimulates skin repair, preventing the signs of ageing.

The formula should be applied morning and night on clean skin drop by drop, and can be done so with precision, safety and with a comfortable and simple gesture thanks to the Virospack dropper.

The container comprises of a 30ml capacity glass bottle and last drop technology to take advantage of every last drop of product, with a wiper to keep the pipette clean. It is combined with a dropper that offers a greater dosage capacity in each press, as well as a more dosage. This level of control makes it is ideal for a unique serum like this one.

The transparency and thickness of the quality glass in the container and ensure the perfect preservation of the formula.

The newly designed dropper, recently introduced to the market by Virospack, is made up of three visible parts, that are fully integrated with each other to create a single piece for an original dropper that is very comfortable to use thanks to a larger pulsation surface - with an average aspiration of 0.65 ml in each press. The combination of blue and white give the entire container a very dermatological, clean, and fresh, as well as qualitative image, very much in line with the positioning of Laboratories Uriage and its Thermal Water.

The bottle with transparent blue paint combines perfectly with the Ring Dropper composed of two injection pieces in white with the central ring in blue. A final container that, following the brand’s premises, undoubtedly transmits its positioning and offers consumers drop by drop precision, comfort, and safety.

Advice for use: Apply a few drops in the morning and at night on perfectly clean and dry skin, before the GEL-CREAM of Bariéderm-CICA Daily. Avoid contact with the eyes.

Satisfaction results *: 86% UNIFIED SKIN * 80% BALANCED SKIN *

* Use test under dermatological control – 28 days – 21 subjects (self-evaluation). Intra-individual metagenomic study of the skin microbiome (21 days of serum application).

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