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Hold on to summer with a Viropack full pack bottle

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Men looking to fight the signs of aging while enjoying a gradual sun-kissed facial tan know to reach for The Gray Men's Skincare Self-Tanning Serum- packaged in Virospack’s sleek dropper bottle.

This luxurious self-tanning serum is rich in active ingredients that moisturize and reduce fine lines and wrinkles, while providing a beautiful, natural-looking, and healthy skin tone.

This serum is specifically formulated for male skin and available in a modern full pack manufactured by Virospack. With this bottle, bulb, and pipette combination, precise drop-by-drop dispensing is ensured.

Application mode:

Mix 1 to 3 drops of this serum with your usual facial moisturizer. Apply the mixture on clean, and preferably exfoliated skin. Wash your hands after each application. For a more intense result, apply directly to the skin.

Sober, Masculine, and Elegant High-quality Packaging

Decorated in black and white to match the full line of The Grey Men's Skincare products, the new self-tanning serum is presented in a full Virospack pack consisting of:

  • Dropper with white bulb, white injection cap, and glass pipette.
  • Moulded glass bottle with 30ml capacity and last drop technology. Painted in white with vertical screen printing in the brand's characteristic dark gray colour.

Contact Virospack to learn about full pack options for your next skincare line.

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