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Virospack Delivers a Soft Velvet Finish Wrapped in Delicate Packaging

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Discover the new Calm-Essential range from CLARINS, a perfect restorative treatment oil for the most sensitive skin in a beautiful dropper bottle and bulb pipette pack from Virospack.

Thanks to its restructuring formula, the new range Calm-Essential immediately soothes the sensation of skin discomfort, while intensely nourishing and hydrating all types of sensitive skin. The new products from Clarins make up a soothing range for weakened skin, finished with a full pack by Virospack, customized for the brand in matte pink that offers a delicate, fashion, feminine and dermo-cosmetic image.

To ensure optimal tolerance for sensitive and fragile skin, Clarins Research has crafted calming skincare formulas for these skin types with a minimum of 95% natural ingredients. To guarantee the best application of this wonderful formulation, Clarins Laboratories has trusted Virospack to ensure the right functionality, maximum precision, and a high quality in a personalized pack that is as delicate as the formula that it contains.

The new range contains two sizes, 30 and 7ml capacity, respectively. In both cases, the product packaging is composed of a custom matte pink painted dropper with a white bulb and a dropper combined with a sleek glass bottle. The 30ml capacity product is completed with a molded glass bottle with last drop technology while the petite 7ml size features a tubular glass bottle. These two references are decorated with matte white spray painting and red screen printed. The finish instantly conveys the promise of the product to the consumer.

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