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Virospack Asia, the new company from the Virospack SLU Group

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Today VIROSPACK is excited to share the good news- the launch of a new company, Virospack Asia. This expansion will increase its place in the Asian market, provide better service to its customers, and allow the company to continue growing.

With a constant eye to the future, Virospack began an ambitious expansion plan and a strong investment in facilities, machinery, and technology in 2012. This has proved to be an important investment of both economic and human resources. The interest in growth has ensured that Virospack maintains and consolidates its position as the market leaders in the medium and long term.

Cementing its place as an international company, Virospack expands at the territorial level with a new company in the Virospack group, VIROSPACK ASIA.

Located a few kilometers from Barcelona, Virospack has an annual production of more than 100 million units of droppers and more than 20 million units of bottles. All products are manufactured in its facilities and then distributed worldwide. Today Virospack takes a step further in its future plan with VIROSPACK ASIA.

With this new company, the group plans to strengthen its business in the Asian market and continue growing, in addition to improving delivery times to its international customers. These are achievable goals that are included in its business growth plan.

Interested in learning more about what Virospack, the leading dropper company, has to offer? Contact the team today.

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  • Modified 24 May 2022
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