Virospack's tubular glass vials are manufactured to perfection

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Virospack has become one of the biggest manufacturers and suppliers of premium droppers in the world, but beyond the dropper itself, it’s an extraordinary producer of high-quality glass vials, ideal for both the beauty and personal care markets.

The company’s tubular glass vials offer an excellent level of clearness, a completely see-through and polished look that exudes the luxurious finishes Virospack is known to deliver. The fantastic strength-to-weight ratio and dimensional stability take the vial to the next level, ensuring the delivery of a sophisticated solution that both looks good and keeps products safe.

Virospack’s processing department and machines guarantee the glass is produced under ideal conditions. Its unique manufacturing method, combined with the company's experience in glass packaging development, allows it to offer flexibility; the ability to adapt the height, diameter, and type of thread of any of its vials to meet client’s requirements at ease.

The use of first-class neutral hydrolysis in clear and amber vials guarantees a luxurious and sleek finish, after all, Virospack has progressively invested in new flexible lines with vision control systems and versatile stations and has developed the capability to produce a wide range of vials of different sizes and capacities.

Take our virtual tour and learn more about our manufacturing processes or contact us here to request a quote. Ask about our delivery times, Virospack's standard shipping time - even at a time when suppliers are suffering from a lack of supply - is faster than average. And discover our wide range of tube bottles with different capacities and diameters, as well as our decoration techniques and personalization options.

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