Virospack offers superb customization and decoration of glass vials

Virospack's tubular glass vials never fail to stand out as one of the most polished solutions in the beauty market, complying with the highest quality standards of the company, all glass production follows the in-house decoration processes in order to provide complete packaging solutions (along with droppers, caps, spatula caps, etc.).

The company offers a large range of standard vials, ranging from 2ml up to 35ml, with over 160 matching possibilities to create unique and elegant combinations for any given customer. The Class 1 tubular glass offers a high strength-to-weight ratio as well as an excellent translucent look, and its complete neutrality makes it a perfect pack for the sophisticated look most beauty and personal care brands aim for.

To top it all, Virospack's manufacturing techniques allow the customization of sizes without any need to invest in moulding, and the company's expertise in decoration processes ensures top-quality branding and premium finishes. Contact us now to learn more.

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