Just Wood! Meet Virospack's Natural Dropper Cap

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As climate change begins to take its toll, governments all over the world prepare new legislation to push markets into new, more sustainable, arenas. Consumers are also taking their first steps, prioritizing more eco-friendly solutions and doing deep dives into the origin of the products they buy and the methods used for their development.

At Virospack we believe in leading the path over waiting in line to join the masses. That’s why 2023 will see the introduction of packaging solutions that face this new sustainable world. And the first in line is our Natural Dropper Cap, a 100% wooden cap that uses no plastic or glue in its entire manufacturing process.

Concerned about deforestation, we have ensured that our wood solutions do not translate into a negative impact on any ecosystem, which is why we worked hard to get an FSC Certification, a guarantee of responsible forest management.

Keeping up with Virospack’s premium standards, the Natural Dropper Cap remains an elegant alternative, with custom decoration options for both cap and bulb. Wood never fails to convey a unique warmth that plays beautifully in the beauty industry, particularly for more natural-based products.

Feel inspired? Get in touch now and learn how we can help you deliver gorgeous and stylish products for the beauty and personal care markets.

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