Embark on Virospack's Ultimate Packaging Journey for SBT's New Cell Life Serum

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The new Cell Life Serum by SBT brings fresh energy and nourishing balance back to your skin with the invigorating Cell Complex+®, a unique vegan blend formulated for total skin health, suitable for every skin type. The patented biomimetic formula dives deep to boost collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, and laminin production, stimulating cell renewal with a powerful yet gentle blend of vitamins, amino acids, probiotics, minerals, and antioxidants. The serum delivers long-lasting hydration, nourishing the skin and rejuvenating its appearance, leaving all skin types feeling grateful.

Housed in Virospack's premium quality dropper, this customized packaging delivers premium simplicity that enhances the product's beautifying effects, comprising:

  • An all-white PP dropper kit, including the wiper, that fits perfectly into the neck of the bottle, ensuring the pipette remains clean after each use for a seamless consumer experience and precise application.
  • A molded high-grade glass bottle with a 30ml capacity and a weighted base, ensuring a premium finish.
  • The bottle finish features custom green screen printing for the brand and label information and luxurious texture.

Experience sophistication and performance elevated in every aspect with our complete and exquisite custom packaging, combined with an extraordinary cosmetic formulation.

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