Virospack Unveils the Ultimate Packaging for Cinq Mondes Precious Elixirs: New Format and Formulas

  • Virospack

Experience the synergy of premium packaging and exceptional cosmetic efficacy!

Inspired by the finest and time-honored beauty recipes, Cinq Mondes offers tailored Skin Dietetics with 5 Precious Elixirs, each 100% concentrated of certified organic vegetable oils rich in antioxidant Omegas 3 and 6. Combined with the daily skincare regimen, these 5 concentrates protect the skin from external factors, rebalance the skin’s natural metabolism with the right nutrients, address specific skin needs, and promote healthy breathing. Choose the best for each skin concern from the range of 5 products:

  • Cinq Mondes Radiance Precious Elixir Serum: for normal, dull, or pigmented skin, featuring Kemiri Nut Oil, Papaya Oil, and Samphire, a retinol-like complex.
  • Cinq Mondes Nourishing Precious Elixir Serum: for dry or very dry skin, containing Argan Oil, Safflower Oil, and Ceramide-Booster.
  • Cinq Mondes Plumping Precious Elixir Serum: for mature skin with visible lines, formulated with Blackcurrant Seed Oil, Organic Ginseng, and Rose Damask.
  • Cinq Mondes Soothing Precious Elixir Serum: for dry, very dry, or sensitive and irritated skin, enriched with Camellia oil, Flax oil, and Bisabolol.
  • Cinq Mondes Purifying Precious Elixir Serum: for oily or combination skin, teens, or skin prone to breakouts, featuring Black Cumin Seed oil, Hemp oil, and Phytophenol Complex.

The complete packaging from Virospack features molded glass bottles with a 15ml capacity, designed to showcase the various colors of the products. These bottles seamlessly complement the push-button dropper, boasting high-quality metal shell finishes, resulting in exceptional and premium dispensing packaging that aligns perfectly with the brand’s positioning. This custom packaging design, paired with an extraordinary cosmetic formulation, elevates the beauty routine with elegance and sophistication.

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