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How to... Display on your portal homepage which events your company is attending

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Webpackaging certified suppliers can include a box on their portal homepage that advises the events at which the company will be exhibiting, and even include the stand number!

It doesn't matter if the event hasn't advised your stand number, if your company has confirmed it will be exhibiting and wants to make potential customers aware of its presence at the event, simply message your company's webpackaging account manager and marketing manager with the information and we'll do the rest for you.

Should you be told your stand number at a later date, or perhaps be allocated a new stand number, we can update the information for you accordingly.

You may also wish to highlight your presence at the event by releasing a news story a few weeks before the event. Simply note this on your company's content marketing plan to ensure that you don't forget to prepare and submit the article.

Your Frequently Asked Questions — Solved!

Can I update this information myself?

No, customers are not able to update this information themselves. To ensure the integrity of the site, only webpac staff that work on webpackaging are able to make these updates.

If we are no longer attending an event, can it be removed?

Yes. If your company is no longer attending an event, then please ask your webpackaging marketing manager to update the information and remove the event name from your company's portal.

We are attending an event next year. Can we already promote this?

You can start to promote that you will be exhibiting at an event at any time. Some events do not take place every year, therefore you may wish to advertise your attendance a year or more in advance of the event.

My company is not a webpackaging certified supplier. How do we become a certified supplier?

Contact hello@webpac.com to request a demo and discover the best options for your team on webpackaging.com.

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