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WestRock Tacoma containerboard mill earns ISO Certification

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WestRock is committed to quality. That’s why the company recently completed all the requirements for ISO 9001: 2008 certification of our Tacoma, Washington containerboard mill.

Tacoma is the last of the thirteen WestRock containerboard mills to earn this distinction. “It’s more than just a plaque on the wall,” says Thomas Stigers, executive vice-president, containerboard mills. “It’s a commitment, to ourselves and our customers.”

ISO 9001: 2008 is an international set of guidelines that companies choose to meet to demonstrate they adhere to the highest standards of quality and excellence in such areas as management principles, customer relations, and the manufacturing process. “From the time the chips get to our mill to the time the paper gets to the customer, that’s all in the scope of the ISO system and we want to make sure we’re consistently at our best,” says Steve Devlin, general manager, Tacoma mill.

“We want our mills to be top notch, from gate to gate,” says Stigers. “Like safety, quality is part of our company culture.”

In Tacoma, the mill’s employees see this as a major accomplishment. “This took many long hours and a tremendous amount of work from everyone in the mill,” says Devlin. “The employees are very proud to receive this recognition.”Many companies have chosen not to participate in this process because of its high expectations on continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. WestRock, however, sees this as an opportunity to add value to their portfolio. This showcases our company’s commitment to go beyond the standards set forth by the industry, positioning us a differentiator.

The mill’s registration is good for three years and WestRock will go through annual third party audits to maintain their ISO status.

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