Yuan Harng

Yuan Harng

Yuan Harng Co Ltd (YH) is a professional tube manufacturer, and always works ahead in creating the newest products. YH knows how to enhance your products with its variety of tubes.

Started in Taiwan, Yuan Harng Co., Ltd. was founded in 1986 with whole-plant equipment for manufacturing plastic tubes. With years of development, Yuan Harng has its complete facility in Taiwan, China and USA, and stands by its motto of “Quality, innovation, & highlighting beauty”.

We constantly strive to produce the top quality products to our customers by using the most innovative ideas and techniques within the industry. This has caused us to become one of the leading cosmetic, food, and pharmaceutical tube packaging manufacturers in the world.

Today, we have more than 70 styles of tubing available, with an annual capacity of approximately 240 million pieces, and are growing rapidly each year.

We export all of our products to the USA, EU, Japan, as well as other areas. Our quality is ensured by our ISO 9001:2000 certified system, as well as our reputation from world-class customers such as L'Oréal, Sephora, H&M, as well as many others.